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March 27, 2024

7 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE Buying Earth Runners Sandals | Barefoot Shoe Review

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Contemplating Earth Runners sandals for your minimalist footwear journey?

You're heading in the right direction. This barefoot shoe (or sandal) Q&A covers seven essential insights that can guide your purchase decision, from sizing tips to Earth Runners' unique earthing benefits. We'll address common queries and provide you with the knowledge to choose confidently.

Q: How should I determine the correct size for Earth Runners sandals to ensure comfort and performance?

To get the best fit for your Earth Runners sandals:

  • Measure your foot precisely: Use their printable template to compare your foot size with their sizing chart.
  • Check toe overhang: Your toes should be close to the end but not hanging over the sole while walking.
  • Consider the sole length at the heel: For Circadian Lifestyle, more heel space could be beneficial for adjustment.
  • Keep in mind the thickness of the sole: This can impact how snugly the sandals fit and how much you can adjust the heel strap.

When sizing up or down, remember it’s crucial to avoid excess material that might cause tripping or an irregular walking pattern, and ensure your toes stay within the bounds of the sole for comfort and safety.

Q: What are the distinct features of the Elemental Lifestyle and Circadian Lifestyle models by Earth Runners?

The Elemental and Circadian Lifestyle models differ in several ways:

  1. Sole Thickness and Footbed:
    • The Elemental Lifestyle is ultra-thin, lacking a footbed, and features non-slip black rubber - great for wet conditions.
    • The Circadian Lifestyle is slightly thicker with a moisture-wicking canvas footbed and offers extra traction and odor absorption.
  2. Lace Material:
    • Both come with single lace designs, but you can choose between softer, more comfortable Lifestyle laces, or durable Performance laces for outdoor activities.
  3. Earthing Capabilities:
    • Earth Runners’ unique copper lace plug enables grounding, connecting you physically to the earth’s electrical charges, which can have beneficial effects on your body.

Always account for your desired level of comfort, the environment in which you’ll be wearing the sandals, and your own foot’s sensitivity to material and thickness when choosing between these models. For more detailed information, you can refer to a comparison review of the Elemental vs. Circadian model.

Q: What are the benefits of grounding with Earth Runners sandals and how does it work?

Grounding, or ‘earthing,’ has potential benefits such as reducing inflammation and improving sleep. Earth Runners facilitate grounding by:

  • Incorporating a copper plug at the sandal’s outsole.
  • Connecting this plug with conductive stainless steel thread in the laces.
    This setup allows for electron transfer between your body and the Earth, mimicking the effects of walking barefoot. It’s effective on natural surfaces, not on insulators like asphalt or indoors. However, you might want to skip grounding in specific circumstances, like during a thunderstorm or when working with electricity.

Q: Which Earth Runners sandals are recommended for someone just starting to transition into a barefoot lifestyle?

For those new to barefoot footwear, consider the following:

  • Opt for the Circadian Lifestyle: It offers a little extra traction and is slightly thicker, easing the transition while still maintaining a barefoot feel.
  • Ease into it: Start by wearing them for short periods and gradually increase as your feet adapt.
  • Break-in period: Remember, Earth Runners may require a 10-15 hour break-in time, especially the thong portion of the laces.

This approach will help your feet adjust to the minimal cushioning and a new way of walking, paving the way to fully enjoy the freedom and health benefits of barefoot sandals.

Q: What makes Earth Runners an eco-friendly choice for sandals, and how do they fit into an environmentally conscious lifestyle?

Earth Runners stand out as an eco-friendly option because they:

  • Are vegan, using no animal products.
  • Feature a minimalist design, potentially reducing material waste.
  • Use sustainable practices, including GOTS-certified dye for the canvas footbed.
  • Offer a sandal that promotes 'earthing’, encouraging people to connect with natural surfaces and environments.

Choosing Earth Runners aligns with a lifestyle that values low-impact living, care for the planet, and a more natural, health-conscious approach to footwear.

Q: Can Earth Runners sandals be adjusted to fit various foot shapes and sizes, especially wider or uniquely shaped feet?

Absolutely! Earth Runners sandals can be customized for a variety of foot shapes due to:

  • Adjustable single-strap system: Tailors to different volumes and instep heights.
  • Printable sizing templates: Help ensure the correct width and fit for individual foot shapes.
  • Trimming excess strap: If necessary, you can easily cut and seal the straps to fit.

For wider or uniquely shaped feet, it’s recommended to check your foot against their sizing template to ensure the sole is not narrower than your foot, preventing any overhang which could lead to discomfort.

Q: Are there any special care or maintenance tips for preserving the life of Earth Runners sandals?

To extend the lifespan of your Earth Runners:

  • Gently clean them regularly: Use a soft brush and mild soap.
  • Dry them thoroughly: Especially if they become wet in rainy conditions.
  • Store properly: Keep them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

While the materials used are durable, proper maintenance will ensure that you can enjoy the grounding benefits and comfort of your Earth Runners for as long as possible.

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