Producer of running sandals
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Producer of running sandals

Welcome to Monk Sandals - the first hand-made minimalist running sandals producer in Poland. The aim of the Company is to create sandals which will fulfill the needs of the most demanding users. By using the highest quality materials we created high endurance sandals while keeping the weight at minimum. Thus, while wearing Monk Sandals you will feel satisfaction, comfort and the feeling of lightness and nature with every step you make.

Monk Sandals

are light, endure and comfortable sandals. The inspiration to create that type of footwear comes from going back to the philosophy of nature and desire to design sandals which can be used on every occasion. Thanks to their unique properties you can use them for running, trekking or walking in the city. Exclusive design and carefully chosen materials provide you with the natural feel when you move, while fully protecting your sole.

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