Luna Sandals
Ultimate Trail and Adventure Sandals
Road Running
Zero Drop
$101 - $150
Ultimate Trail and Adventure Sandals

Founded by Barefoot Ted in 2010, LUNA Sandals grew from the belief that better doesn’t have to mean more complicated, and that applying passion brings forth amazing results. LUNA Sandals are inspired by people’s innate need and desire to explore and grow. Sometimes simpler is better.

As a rapidly growing team, we responsibly hand craft our sandals in the heart of Seattle, WA to create lightweight, minimalist, highly adjustable sandals for trail running, hiking, traveling, kayaking, adventuring and people who love life. We support those living their dreams and inspiring others to do the same.

We seek out premium materials, and craft them into thoughtfully designed footwear so you can live your adventures. We constantly monitor, tweak, innovate, and listen to bring the best products to our amazing tribe. Like surfers make surfboards, we make LUNAs.

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