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February 21, 2023

7 Simple Steps to Improve Your Kids Posture and Balance with Barefoot Shoes

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As a passionate mother and experienced barefoot shoe enthusiast, I'm well-versed in the benefits of minimalist or barefoot shoes for posture and balance in kids. I've seen first-hand how wearing the right shoes can positively influence foot strength, balance and overall body posture. The widened toe box, flexible insoles and a low or zero drop heel all contribute to a healthier, stronger foothold- leading to improved balance and posture. Multiple studies prove that conventional shoes can impede the development of foot strength- with regular use of barefoot shoes improving strength by 60% within just six months. However, transitioning to barefoot shoes does require careful consideration and patience- wear them gradually and make sure to evaluate your child's posture and gait for positive results. My goal is to help others find their way to the healthy, beneficial lifestyle that comes with embracing barefoot shoes.

Benefits of Barefoot Shoes

When a child wears traditional shoes, their feet remain inside a structured, stiff environment the majority of the time. While traditional shoes can provide protection from cuts and abrasions, they can also inhibit access to sensory feedback from the foot itself. This can make it difficult for kids to experience how their feet move or form a stable “core” in their bodies, making balance and posture difficult to maintain.

The introduction of minimal or barefoot shoes as an alternative to traditional shoes allows a child’s feet to move freely while still having access to some protection. By allowing more movement in the feet, kids can benefit from increased foot strength, improved balance, and better posture. According to a study published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, the wearing of minimal shoes for six months can result in an increase in foot strength of up to 60%. This improved sensory input and improved strength can help kids with better posture and balance.

Anatomy of Minimalist Shoes

The structure of a minimalist shoe is designed to maximize the benefits of barefoot walking or running. There are three key components of a minimalist shoe – flat, flexible insoles, wide toe area, and low or zero-drop heel. The flat and flexible insoles are designed to offer maximum ground feel, allowing the foot to move and react as if it were still unshod. The wide toe area allows the toes to move freely and disperse pressure evenly across the foot, while the low or zero-drop heel encourages a natural and dynamic foot strike.

Advantages of Wearing Minimal Shoes

There are numerous advantages to wearing minimal shoes rather than more traditional options, particularly in terms of balance and posture. One of the main advantages is improved foot strength, which can help to increase athleticism and improve stability throughout the body. Furthermore, improved sensory input can be beneficial in helping kids with better balance and postural awareness.

How To Transition Into Minimal Shoes

When transitioning into minimal shoes, a gradual transition and attention to walking technique are recommended. To do this, the toe box of the shoe should be wide enough to allow sufficient room to move, while the heel should have little to no drop. It’s also important to monitor the transition, paying attention to any discomfort or soreness that may occur, and making adjustments as needed. Additionally, evaluating walking techniques and training the feet to better adapt to the transition can also be necessary.


Barefoot or minimalist shoes offer an array of benefits for kids and can be hugely beneficial in improving balance and posture. By facilitating better foot strength, improved sensory input, and a wide toe box, these shoes can help kids to become more aware and adept while also providing protection. When transitioning into minimal shoes, it’s important to remember to do so gradually, evaluating walking technique and making necessary adjustments to the shoe. In conclusion, barefoot shoes can be a great way to improve both balance and posture in kids.

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