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August 27, 2023

Best Winter Barefoot Shoes/Boots - Voted By The Community | Golden Toe Awards 🏆

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👉 This is post 4/11 of our series of Golden Toe Awards 2023 announcements.

The anticipation has reached its peak as we proudly unveil the winners of the 🥶 Best Winter Barefoot Shoe/Boot category in the Golden Toe Awards 2023.

These exceptional footwear choices have not only provided unparalleled comfort but have also proven their mettle in the cold weather. The community's voice and feedback has been heard, and it's time to celebrate the brands that have excelled in this category.

And the Winners Are...

🥇 Mika by Xero Shoes - Rating: 9.75

🥈 Alpine by Xero Shoes - Rating: 9.63

🥉 Boulder Boots by LEMS - Rating: 9.00

Why They Won - Community Feedback

We've looked at all the community feedback and reviews for the winning shoes and put it together to show you why these shoes are so loved by everyone.

🥇 Mika by Xero Shoes - Rating: 9.75

Mika by Xero Shoes barefoot shoes

Design and Fit:
  • Soft and light
  • Goes well with dresses and jeans
  • Can be worn with warm socks
  • All-round good style
  • Size up for a comfortable fit and space for thick socks
  • Good grip on the soles for terrain
  • Not more waterproof
Comfort and Performance:
  • Comfortable and warm
  • Flexible
  • Great ground feel
  • Handles well in light hiking
  • Can be worn all winter
  • Lightweight
Specific Requests and Improvements:
  • Removable wool lining
  • Want more options in the Mika style
Customer Feedback and Experiences:
  • Stay warmer than insulated boots
  • Daughter was jealous and so also bought a pair
  • Ripped lining after heavy use
  • Worn for walks, runs, and at church
  • Works well for medical issues with foot drop
Overall Value and Price:
  • Great for everyday wear
  • Warm and fashionable
  • Goes well with most outfits
  • Worth the price
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🥈 Alpine by Xero Shoes - Rating: 9.63

Alpine by Xero Shoes barefoot boots

Design and Fit:
  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable and snug fit
  • Roomy and spacious
  • Long laces
Comfort and Performance:
  • Soft and cozy inner lining
  • Warmth during cold weather
  • Waterproof material
  • Relief from tight ski boots
  • Suitable for winter activities like hiking and snowshoeing
  • Good tread and flexibility
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Cold seeps in the front
Specific Requests and Improvements:
  • Add wool lining for more warmth
  • Men's version should have a taller shaft
  • Include an extra pair of insoles
Customer Feedback and Experiences:
  • Received positive compliments on how they look
  • Worn frequently even on outdoor trips
  • Kept feet dry in snow
  • No wet feet when hiking
  • Suitable for winter conditions in snowy areas
  • Great for playing and hiking in winter
Overall Value and Price:
  • Described as the perfect winter boot
  • Cozy, comfortable, and durable
  • Best barefoot snow/hiking shoes owned
  • Excellent all-around winter boot
  • Good value and performance for the price
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🥉 Boulder Boots by LEMS - Rating: 9.00

Design and Fit:
  • Wide toe box
  • Leather breaks in nicely
  • Wish for a thinner, more flexible sole
  • Sizing chart could be improved
Comfort and Performance:
  • So warm, good for winter wear
  • Keeps feet dry in rain
  • Works well for mountain biking
  • Sole could have better traction
  • Comfortable for long periods of walking
Specific Requests and Improvements:
  • Thinner, more flexible sole
  • Stickier tread
  • More information on internal space in sizing chart
Customer Feedback and Experiences:
  • Traditional shoes can constrain feet after wearing these
  • Durability varies between users
  • Good on snow and slush, not on ice
  • Break-in period for leather models
  • Insole removal preference
Overall Value and Price:
  • Favorite winter boots
  • Will continue to wear them
  • Would buy them again
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What's Next?

With the winners of the 🥶 Best Winter Barefoot Shoe/Boot category now celebrated, the excitement in the minimalist footwear community is reaching new heights. But don't hang up your voting shoes just yet! The Golden Toe Awards are far from over.

We're eagerly gearing up to announce the winners of the next category, the 👞 Best Barefoot Dress Shoe tomorrow. This category focuses on those elegant, sophisticated, and stylish barefoot shoes that seamlessly merge fashion and comfort. Whether it's for a formal event, a business meeting, or just everyday refinement, these shoes are designed to let your feet breathe and move naturally while keeping you polished.

Stay tuned to our Instagram account for the upcoming announcement. Be ready to celebrate the brands that have reimagined the world of formal footwear, providing a blend of aesthetics and foot-friendly design that truly stands out.

A huge shoutout and gratitude to the brands that have made the Golden Toe Awards even more special with their contributions to our epic giveaway: Barebarics, Be Lenka, Cool East Market, Deliberate Life Designs, Earthing Moccasins, Feelgrounds, Freet, Fullsoul Runningpad, Geniale Sandals, Iguaneye, Kyrgies, PaperKrane, Shapen Barefoot, The Last Shoe Maker, Tomar Creation, Xero Shoes, and Zlatush.

Let's continue to make our community a thriving hub for the best in footwear.

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