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August 27, 2023

Best Barefoot Hiking Boots - Voted By The Community | Golden Toe Awards 🏆

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👉 This is post 3/11 of our series of Golden Toe Awards 2023 announcements.

In the realm of footwear, the world of barefoot shoes has been gaining significant traction, attracting a community of individuals who prioritize not just style, but also the health and comfort of their feet.

Among the various categories in the prestigious Golden Toe Awards 2023, the recognition of the Best Barefoot Hiking Boots stands as a testament to the commitment of brands in providing footwear that blends performance, style, and minimalist design.

Here we unveil the winners of this unique category and delve into what the community thinks makes them the epitome of exceptional barefoot hiking companions.

And the Winners Are...

🥇 Scrambler Mid by Xero Shoes - Rating: 10.00

🥈 Boulder Boots by LEMS - Rating: 9.50

🥉 Tracker II by Vivobarefoot - Rating: 9.00

Why They Won - Community Feedback

We've looked at all the community feedback and reviews for the winning shoes and put it together to show you why these shoes are so loved by everyone.

🥇 Scrambler Mid by Xero Shoes - Rating: 10.00

Scrambler Mid by Xero Shoes
Design and Fit:
  • Lightweight
  • Supportive for ankles
  • Allows for feeling the ground
  • Toe caps are not waterproof
  • Uppers are breathable
  • Half-size big
Comfort and Performance:
  • Most comfortable and grippy hiking boots
  • Protects feet
  • Excellent grip
  • Light and very comfortable
  • Feels like hiking with a cloud strapped to your foot
  • No slipping even in the snow
Specific Requests and Improvements:
  • Add more colors
  • Make soles more non-slippery in rainy conditions
Customer Feedback and Experiences:
  • Great for mountain hikes
  • Toes feel comfortable and protected
  • Can be worn in any terrain and for multi-day trips
  • Looks cool
  • Allows for feeling the ground without hurting feet on rocky trails
Overall Value and Price:
  • Best barefoot hiking shoe
  • Good value for the price
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🥈 Boulder Boots by LEMS - Rating: 9.50

Design and Fit:
  • Wide toe box
  • Leather breaks in nicely
  • Wish for a thinner, more flexible sole
  • Sizing chart could be improved
Comfort and Performance:
  • So warm, good for winter wear
  • Keeps feet dry in rain
  • Works well for mountain biking
  • Sole could have better traction
  • Comfortable for long periods of walking
Specific Requests and Improvements:
  • Thinner, more flexible sole
  • Stickier tread
  • More information on internal space in sizing chart
Customer Feedback and Experiences:
  • Traditional shoes can constrain feet after wearing these
  • Durability varies between users
  • Good on snow and slush, not on ice
  • Break-in period for leather models
  • Insole removal preference
Overall Value and Price:
  • Favorite winter boots
  • Will continue to wear them
  • Would buy them again
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🥉 Tracker II by Vivobarefoot - Rating: 9.00

Tracker II by Vivobarefoot
Design and Fit:
  • Lightweight and good-looking
  • Fits well when sizing up
Comfort and Performance:
  • Comfortable out of the box
  • Excellent grip on tread while still providing ground feel
  • Waterproof and warm
  • Feet feel sore in a good way after a hike
  • Waterproofing treatment is impressive
  • Provides stable footing in most conditions, but not in slick and muddy conditions
Specific Requests and Improvements:
  • More ruggedness for more demanding hikes
  • Longevity and durability of the boots
Customer Feedback and Experiences:
  • Positive experiences with the boots, especially regarding comfort and waterproofing
  • Some issues with sole separation and rubber separating from the leather
  • Mixed experiences with quality control but typically good customer service
Overall Value and Price:
  • Generally recommended
  • Higer price point than some other barefoot boots
  • Refunds and replacements offered for faulty pairs
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What's Next?

The winners of the Best Barefoot Hiking Boots category in the Golden Toe Awards 2023 are a testament to the evolution of footwear, where health, comfort, and style intertwine. Xero Shoes' Scrambler Mid, LEMS' Boulder Boots, and Vivobarefoot's Tracker II have earned their place in the spotlight, inspiring hikers to step into a world where every footfall is a celebration of natural movement. Join us tomorrow as we reveal more winners and share the excitement of the Golden Toe Awards journey.

As the winners of the Best Barefoot Hiking Boots category celebrate their well-deserved victory, the anticipation builds for the upcoming categories in the Golden Toe Awards 2023. Tomorrow, we'll be unveiling the winners of another exciting category that promises to redefine the world of barefoot shoes. Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram for the latest updates!

These winners are more than just shoes; they represent the culmination of dedicated craftsmanship, innovative design, and a shared passion for healthier and happier feet. With each step, these barefoot hiking boots redefine the way we experience the great outdoors, making the journey itself as enchanting as the destination.

This is post #2 of our series of Golden Toe Awards 2023 announcements. Stay tuned as we continue to unveil winners in other categories. Next up, we'll be spotlighting the exceptional performers in the 🥾 Best Barefoot Hiking Boots category. Don't miss out on discovering the shoes that are redefining trail running.

A huge shoutout and gratitude to the brands that have made the Golden Toe Awards even more special with their contributions to our epic giveaway: Barebarics, Be Lenka, Cool East Market, Deliberate Life Designs, Earthing Moccasins, Feelgrounds, Freet, Fullsoul Runningpad, Geniale Sandals, Iguaneye, Kyrgies, PaperKrane, Shapen Barefoot, The Last Shoe Maker, Tomar Creation, Xero Shoes, and Zlatush.

Let's continue to make our community a thriving hub for the best in footwear.

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