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This sandal is built with trail running in mind but it’s weight lends itself well to be used for Ultralight backpacking or as Ultralight camp shoes. The 1mm Vibram anti-slip footbed offers excellent grip in wet conditions so rain or shine, these sandals will keep your foot planted firmly on the footbed regardless of how technical the trail. Note: The toe plug on the UL Pursuit is recessed into the outsole, therefore it is visible on the bottom of the shoe. See image. Each pair of Pursuit sandals is made by hand so you can design the perfect pair to fit your unique feet. Start by choosing your strap and outsole colors, then follow the simple directions below to trace your feet and send us your template. Want a different color strap on each foot? You can do that! Choose “mismatched” straps when making your strap color selection and you’ll tell us on the following screen which color you want on each foot.

Sizing Advice
To ensure you get a sandal that fits your unique foot perfectly, each one is custom-cut from your personal foot tracings rather than ordering a generic shoe size. Narrow, wide, high volume or low volume, bunions, two different sizes, we’ve got you covered!
All out of advice on this one. Share your sizing experience in the comments to help out the community ✌️
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