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The Totem model is specially designed to keep you taking steps in the world of minimalism with light and comfortable shoes. Made with soft materials that combine lightness and resistance to enjoy great adventures in nature, but always at your own pace. Designed for easy and comfortable terrain, it can be used both to walk quietly on the street and to make a small excursion without great pretensions. Of the entire aboriginal family, Totem is the sandal with the best quality price of all, it is designed to last and offer the maximum benefits at the lowest possible price. Do not hesitate to consult our expert models if you want to face greater challenges or our initial models if you are starting. Rare is the runner who tries to run with sandals and returns to conventional sneakers, is something else. Feeling that everything fits, everything flows. Have more fun, feel free because the sandals are not only for going to the beach or for the summer, what are you waiting for to take the step towards minimalism? We have a very exact system to calculate your size and be able to make any model fit perfectly with your foot. We will be happy to advise you on which model is the most suitable for you, we have long been helping to give way to people to start in the world of minimalism and barefoot. You can complement the Totem sandal with our Strap Plus to give an extra support to the foot if you wish. Recommended for easy terrain. Very comfortable and great adaptability to the foot .

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