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I recently wore my trail running Toe Buckles on a 2 day backpacking trip on The Colorado Trail. I was so impressed, I figured I should modify it and offer it for sale to fit the niche of an all-around hiking sandal. It's basically a beefed up Toe Buckle. Changes include: -Wider 1 1/4" Ankle Tab -Wider/stronger 5/8" buckles -Wider 5/8" poly webbing around the ankle -Silicone Elastic sewn to the heel to reduce slippage -Exposed memory foam to create a 'cup effect' after the foam molds to the feet -Only offered w/ the ridiculously grippy Vibram Zegama trail tread

Sizing Advice
Be sure to use graphing paper when tracing your footoutline. Further details are provided on the website.
All out of advice on this one. Share your sizing experience in the comments to help out the community ✌️
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Matt Paisely has a Facebook page and also participates in a group named Barefoot and Minimalist Runners on FB as well. Since these are custom made sandals - the sizing ranges based on the individual's foot size.
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