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The new Superlight X sandals are great especially for their versatility. New type  X  with finger binding is optimized for the best possible function, easy and reliable adjustment and does not function functionally with the classic and proven Bosky Y- type binding (between the fingers). Thickness will not discourage even barefoot enthusiasts, thanks to the artificial insole and a slightly thicker sole, their use is also a pleasure for less accustomed feet. Thanks to the ability to dampen part of the impact, longer wear is also suitable for beginners, for experienced barefoot it is possible relief, without significant loss of sensitivity to the terrain and barefoot benefits. And their weight on the feet is negligible. This makes it great for traveling, such as slippers, etc. The only tax on lightness and a thinner sole may be the slightly shorter endurance of this type of sandal. If you are a representative of the fairer sex, or you do not belong to the category of heavy weights, Superlight will be great for you!

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