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The Pangea 2.0  model is the second version of the improved Pangea model, without layers of different materials and much more compact, it is the model you are looking for if you have experience in the barefoot world or the “barefoot running” movement  . The Pangea 2.0  modelIt is a sandal made with materials of high resistance and lightness although without giving up the unique grip provided by its aggressive sole pattern. You can enjoy your great adventures in full contact with nature even if the terrain is technical or steep. Descalcistas long for the return to the origin of the species, "the search for lost sensations and atrophied muscles" and progressively remove all foot protection to run like our ancestors, thanks to the extra hardness of the sole, it has less amortization than other models softer and will allow you to have more direct and close sensations to descaling. Do not hesitate to consult our intermediate or initiation models If you still don't feel ready but want to start this path towards the freedom of your steps. We have a very exact system to calculate your size and be able to make any model fit perfectly with your foot. We will be happy to advise you on which model is the most suitable for you, we have been helping to make way for runners like you for a long time.

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