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The new Light leather shadow model is intended for everyone who was looking for the most universal sandal "for everything", but prefer a natural leather insole. The practical dark insole does not suffer so much from dirt, the thicker sole provides greater protection, durability and comfort when stepping on it. It provides a full-fledged alternative with a leather insole to stronger Light and thicker Enduro variants. It is not suitable for too frequent soaking, but it absorbs sweat better, which will be appreciated especially by potters and those who are going to a very hot climate.

Light leather shadow sandals are a stronger variant of the Light leather sandal with a light natural insole. They will catch the eye especially of those who are looking for a sandal for more demanding use in the field, for long wear and any use without restrictions. The darker insole also eliminates the clutter of leather sandals, which are more dirty than models with artificial insoles. At the same time, despite their greater thickness, the soles are still extremely light and perfectly shaped on the foot. Logically, therefore, it is suitable wherever you need a light sandal, which will protect you from rough terrain and provide a greater grip in it. It also better absorbs shocks from hard surfaces. Sandals are well shaped and adapt to the foot, so they are very comfortable to run and are great as milder (transition) shoes from classic "NEbarefoot" shoes. Thanks to its thickness of about 12 mm, it will last longer than its more subtle counterparts, but it is still made of a lightweight material, which has its limits of endurance. variant - Enduro 12 mm. Information and templates for choosing the right size can be found at 

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