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The Atlas model is the most versatile sandal of all thanks to its composition and finishes. Available in three different thicknesses so you can choose the one that best suits your foot. The Atlas Light model is the most suitable sandal if you are looking for an advanced experience in descaling and you are an adventurer, you like life in the mountains and nature is your passion. For all this, it has just the right thickness so that you feel the environment in which you step like an advanced descaler and that freedom that you would not have with any other closed shoe. Features an extra Strap Plus strap and reinforced heel counterIdeal for carrying your feet securely on any type of terrain. Thanks to its rubber crepe layer on the sole, you can go into almost any terrain because it prevents gravel stones from embedding in the sole and digging into it and since we know that the mountain can be a hostile terrain, you will be doubly insured thanks to its non-slip lining on the insole. If you are looking for a sandal with the same characteristics but with more cushioning to start your adventures with more security, you also have available Atlas Medium and Atlas Fat .

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