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Everyday barefoot shoe suitable for sports and casual use. Now in Navy Blue for smaller sizes as well as Black for all sizes.

BreatheMesh upper for durable, ultra-breathable performance

ConnectMax EVA 2mm midsole for excellent ground connectivity when worn without insole

Flexile removable 2.5mm insole to tune fit and increase shock absorption

Freet 5in1 asymmetric forefoot for natural foot shape allowing toes to spread naturally

Conventional lace – 2 x pairs included; plain black and black with white

AllRound performance outsole for light trail and pavement grip & durability

Black with Charcoal lining and smaller sizes as in Navy Blue with Charcoal lining

Worn with or without socks

For wetter, colder conditions wear with our waterproof sock (sold separately)


Stack height: 6.5/7mm with insole; 4mm without insole

Temperate Series (3 Season)

These products feature FreetMesh and are suitable for everyday & warmer conditions

Sizes 37-49 Black; 37-42 Navy Blue. This product is an ‘average’ size.

Weight 435 grams size pair 42

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